5 Big Brands Getting Major Results from Weather Responsive Ads

Highly effective advertising requires more than just the right message. Your ads also need to reach consumers at the right time and place for an ad to really speak to them. Tailoring your marketing to the forecast can help you do just that, lending added context and relevance to your messaging. This concept of “contextual […]

What Is Weather-Triggered Advertising?

From our footwear to our weekend plans, everything is subject to change according to the weather. So why should advertising be any different? With so much of life weather-contingent, it only makes sense that your marketing tactics should adapt as well. Weather-triggered advertising lends context and legitimacy to messages that otherwise might seem formulaic or […]

How Consumer Behavior is Influenced by the Weather

You might be surprised how significantly weather affects our behavior. Did you know, for example, that one French study found that women are 8 percent more likely to give a good-looking man their phone number on sunny days than cloudy days? How about another study done by the same scientist, Nicolas Guéguen, that found people […]